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Ballop Skin Shoes

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Ballop Skin Shoes


"Super ultralight outdoor shoes ? Ballop skin shoes


It is a complex word of “bare foot” & “Gallop”(run) and has a meaning to run outdoor life, not city by bare foot and a new brand of outdoor skin shoes which was born by new concept from Actos skin shoes.

It is proud of wearable feeling like my skin, which breathe in daily life variously by transcending seasons and can move like barefoot.
As a super ultralight outdoor shoes, it is excellent in utilization and wearable feeling and a multipurpose shoes which associates with many leisure sports.

  1. Barefoot feeling as it is.
    A wellbeing skin shoes, feels barefoot acupuncture effect as it is.

  2. Various utilization of daily life
    Excellent wearable feeling in indoor, outdoor and ocean leisure sports

  3. Best choice for foot health
    Posture correction effect, foot muscle exercise effect, sole acupuncture effect

  4. Super ultralight of 108g
    Super ultralight advanced functional skin shoes like barefoot


Features of Ballop skin shoes

  • Upper
    As a DR knit LT spandex material, it can be stretched into 360 degree and no trouble in the outdoor activity.

  • Heel intension
    It can holds heel tightly in the active outdoor move and increases the durability of shoes.

  • Rubber/anti slip
    It has an excellent grip force on the road with anti-slip effect and protects foot.

  • Fast water repellency effect
    When get wet, it dries fast and fuzzy. No worry for odor.

  • 3D Print
    With massing on pattern, it offers convenient wearable feeling when running or hard exercise by sticking it to shoes.

  • Exclusive cushion insole
    Soft insole needed for running and jogging is included.

  • Excellent wearable feeling
    It is proud of wearable feeling like my skin and can move conveniently like barefoot.

  • Super ultralight of 108g
    As a super ultralight special material, it is very light and convenient to move.

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Spider Yellow

Spider Red

Spider Blue


Zebra Yellow

Zebra Red

Zebra Blue

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